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simpson229-2 AC泄漏电流测试表

simpson229-2 AC泄漏电流表,Simpson229-2泄漏电流表很容易测试对于危险小泄漏电流。 用于装置野外使用,在实验室里,或者在生产, 229-2接近悟性人的门限在查出危害AC泄漏电流。Simpson229-2具有弹簧夹、指南和电池以及测试笔.



  • 检查120VAC和240VAC装置、马达和其他设备
  • 依照ANSI C101.1-1986和UL安全标准
  • 超载一瞬间保护了由500V峰顶决定在所有范围
  • 补偿接近悟性曲线Dalziel的界限
  • Ranges: AC current: 0-0.3-1-3-10 mA

    AC voltage: 0-150 and 0-300 volts

    Battery Test: Replace-Good

    Short Test: Red Arc: 30 mA FS, Green arc: 10 mA or less

    Resolution: 5_A on 0-0.3 mA range

    Accuracy: _3% at 60 Hz

    Input Impedance: For current tests, 1。5K_ in parallel with 0.15 mF

    Input Resistance: 0。5 for 150V Range, 1。0 M_ for the 300V range

    Accuracy Vs。 Frequency: Approximates Dalziel's "Percentile 50 Threshold of PerceptionCurve"within _1。0 dB

    Overload Protection: Up to 500V peak momentary on all ranges

    Size: 7" x 5-1/4" x 3-1/8"

    Weight: 3 Ibs。 (1。4 Kg)

    Battery: 1 9V (NEDA No. 13F, 1604A)

    Specifications subject to changewithoutnotice.




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