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Simpson228 ,AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

simpson228 ,AC/DC Leakage Current Tester,Designed to meet new IEC, ANSI, and UL guidelines

simpson228 ,AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

Test for dangerousleakagecurrentwiththeSimpsonModel228,designed to meet thelatestUL,IEC,andANSIspecifications.The228 detects both ACandDCleakagecurrentandsimulateshumanresponse atthreedifferentlevels--reaction,let-go, andburnhazard. Each Model228comeswithtestleads withalligatorclips,manual, andbatteries.

  • Detects dangerous AC&DCleakagecurrentpresentontheconductive surfacesofelectricalorelectronicequipment
  • Designed to meet new IEC, ANSI, and ULguidelines
  • Reaction, Let-Go and Unweighted Burn Hazardnetworkmeasurements
  • Battery-powered for maximum portability

    Simpson 228 Special Purpose AC/DC Milliameter

    Designed specificallytomeasurehazardous"LeakageCurrents"or"TouchCurrents"which mayappearwhenapersontouchestheconductive surfaceofelectricalorelectronicequipment.The228is designed inaccordancewithIEC,ANSIandULguidelines.

    • True RMS Readings

    • Reads in Measurement Indication Units (MIU) up to .005 MIU

    • Output AllowsMeasurementofPeakCurrentinNon-SinusoidalWaveForms

    • Let-Go, Reaction, and Burn Hazard Response Networks

    • Detects dangerous AC & DC Leakage currents

    • Includes Test Leads, Alligator Clips, Batteries and Manual


  • Specifications








    Response Network

    Equivalent network component values:

    Complies with values specified in IEC 990 (excluding fuse)

    Equivalent measuring instrument load:

    1 MΩ- 10pF

    1 MΩ- 62 pF

    1 MΩ- 1 pF


    0.3, 1, 3, 10 M.I.U.

    0.3, 1, 3, 10 M.I.U.

    0-100 mA RMS

    Current accuracy:

    ±2% F.S. @ 60 Hz

    Meter measurement method:

    True RMS

    Meter frequency response:

    (Relative to ANSI C101-1992 or UL-1459 2nd edition)

    DC to 1 Hz

    Pointer shall track within 5% of peak

    2Hz to 19Hz (Accuracy not supported)


    20 Hz to 200 KHz

    ±2% F。S。

    ±2.5% of F.S.

    ±2% F.S.

    200 KHz to 1 MHz

    ±2% F。S。

    ±2.5% F.S.

    ±5% F。S。

    Output sensitivity:

    Full scale meter indication equals 1V RMS (Measured with a 1 MΩ- 12 pF load)

    Output accuracy:

    ±2% of reading @ 60 Hz

    Output frequency response:

    (Relative to ANSI C101-1992 or UL-1459 2nd edition)

    DC to 50Hz

    ±2% of reading

    50 Hz to 100 KHz

    ±2.5% of reading

    ±2% /-3% of reading

    ±2% of reading

    100 kHz to 1 MHz

    ±5% of reading

    Voltmeter range:

    0-300 V (AC or DC)

    Voltmeter accuracy: DC to 1 Hz

    Pointer shall track within 5% of peak

    2Hz to 19Hz (Accuracy not supported)


    20 Hz to 1KHz

    ±3% F。S。 @ 60 Hz (Add ±1% for every additional 100Hz)

    Voltmeter frequency response:

    DC to 1 KHz

    Power requirements:

    Power requirements: (2) 9V (NEDA 1604A) batteries


    7" x 5.25" x 3.125", 2-1/2 lbs (1.4kg),ABSplastic,fusedinput


    27°C ±2° C, 70% non condensingrelativehumidity.Outsidethisrangederateby10% per °C

    Maximum operating range:

    0° to 40° C


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